Meeting successful

To the Journal editor:

The meeting hosted by Marquette Township last Tuesday night that brought all stakeholders together for the common purpose of establishing a regional trucking solution was a success in my opinion.

Given all of the debate recently on issues surrounding the city’s proposed truck ordinance and the imminent increase in heavy truck traffic into and thru our communities from the new mine later next year, it seems that this was the first meeting in some time where everyone is on the same page.

The leadership shown by Marquette Township, the city of Marquette, and the Marquette County Road Commission and others at this meeting exemplifies the best of who we can be as one community working together for a common purpose.

All of our municipalities, government entities, mining, logging, and all other business representatives share legitimate concerns in and a role in finding a collective and responsible solution.

The beginnings of a spirit of unity was apparent with everyone, and it is my hope that everyone builds on this now with a common resolve that will quickly result in a letter of intent and understanding signed amongst all parties.

This will lead to an intermediate and a long term solution with the regional traffic study, action and funding plan. When each entity can set aside a part of their specific sovereignty and agenda for the good of the whole, we see results and positive momentum.

Congratulations to everyone involved on this really positive direction and action. Lets keep momentum going and get this done together as one team and one community.

L.R. Swadley