Never too early to remind residents to shop locally

We realize the wax in your jack-o-lantern hasn’t become solid yet, but it’s still the right time for this message: Shop locally this Christmas season.

National ads touting holiday layaway programs have already been running on television for weeks and we’re sure the airwaves will soon be inundated with information about the “hot” items everyone will want on their Christmas lists.

We hope each Superiorland resident remembers the impact filling those Christmas lists locally has on our area. Dollars spent here help keep Upper Peninsula residents employed.

And hopefully those employed U.P. residents in turn buy from local merchants whenever possible.

The temptations of making a shopping trip to Wisconsin or Minnesota are many, we know. We don’t begrudge anyone a getaway, fully knowing a change of scenery can be a welcome relief from everyday life.

And the ease of Internet shopping has allure as well.

However, spending all your hard-earned dollars away from home doesn’t bolster your community’s future. When you buy locally, you’re supporting your neighbors and keeping open the doors of many stores which might have to be locked forever without the backing of those who live nearby.

Our area is blessed, for instance, with a great number of extraordinarily talented artists who look to sell their wares at the holiday season. Crafters with wonderful goods are found at sales this season. And local outlets of national chains are available for those looking for “most-wanted” gifts.

Filling your Christmas stockings with items purchased locally is a boost to everyone.

Please do this as much as you can during the 2013 holiday shopping season.