Likes Negaunee cable

To the Journal editor:

Thanks to The Mining Journal for “dipping” into the situation regarding the city of Negaunee cable system, I’m sure Charter is most grateful for your obvious position.

Why does Negaunee have a cable system to begin with? Perhaps it was because Charter upon taking over the cable system in the area continued to increase rates without any improvement in service or expansion of programing.

Being the only cable provider in the Marquette area the people were forced to swallow what Charter dished out.

Charter’s actions were regularly discussed at area council meetings, including the city of Marquette. In Negaunee voters approved a city owned cable system. Charter, no longer having a monopoly sued the city; neither side really won.

A Charter representative going door to door in Negaunee this past spring didn’t dispute my position and agreed that many things that were done years ago were wrong. He assured me that they could be trusted today. I think not.

Today our friends at Charter, should you have their service require you to have a converter box the size of a VCR machine that sucks up the pricey electricity in our area.

They offer “deals” on their service but only if you “bundle,” that is also subscribe to their telephone and internet service. The deals are short lived followed by a increase that you’ll have to pay or do without.

The Negaunee cable system may go the way of the dinosaurs but hopefully some other cable provider will pick it up keeping them from their sought after monopoly.

Charter was no friend to the area communities when they rolled into town. I’ve no reason to trust them today.

But then you know all of this or could have easily found out by doing a bit of research in your archives.

Thomas Petrocik Sr.