Blame Obama

To the Journal editor:

Typical Obama, blaming Republicans for his sequestration cuts and government shutdowns after he, his direct subordinates, and cohorts decided what programs to eliminate while targeting Americas most vulnerable to inflict maximum pain.

Obama’s spewed his blame rhetoric long enough. Americans are waking up and realizing inept politicians with law degrees, including Obama, must conceal their incompetence, dishonesty, and lack of leadership abilities to evade personal accountability and responsibility at all cost.

Obama’s puppets are using the excuse “White House attorney’s misinterpretation of the bill” to try and mitigate Obama’s non-payment of combat veterans death benefits.

Instead of seeking and accepting responsibility to his and his direct subordinates despicable actions Obama shirks responsibility via blaming and vilification of Republicans to avoid personal accountability.

It’s Obama’s responsibility to create a balanced budget while utilizing Congressional input/direction. Thus Obama has sole authority to pass or veto Congresses suggested budgetary appropriations.

Thus America won’t default on it’s National Debt as far left-wing Democrats want Americans to believe.

If Obama allows American to default he’s solely responsible for failing to ensure Americas debt is paid before funding his entitlement programs.

In fact to save his political career Obama must find funding for his entitlement programs because he created government dependent and entitlement demanding masses within America who believe government owes them everything from cradle to grave.

Obama and his cohorts intentionally designed regulations and taxes to ensure EPA and other agencies could levy financial devastation upon Americas fossil fuel industries, manufactures, industrial corporations, retail suppliers, farmers, small businesses, and Americas working class.

The far left has intentionally skyrocketed the cost of living while increasing government dependent numbers through massive unemployment.

Thus Obama’s ultimately responsible for multimillions of Americans being unemployed and on welfare via authorizing the intentional destruction of sustainable income jobs within America.

The key to this mess is; Once the National debt is paid there’ll still be enough funds within the treasury coffers to fund governments essential programs if Obama works unilaterally with Congress to create a viable and sustainable budget.

If Obama refuses to work with Congress to create a balanced budget, impeach him and save America.

Ray Wickstrom