Republic Township seeking millage for recreation

REPUBLIC – Republic Township voters will decide in the Nov. 5 election whether to approve a millage increase of 0.2 of a mill for equipment, maintenance and operations at more than a dozen township recreational sites.

The millage, which was sought by the Republic Township Recreation Committee, would be levied for three years -from 2014 through 2016. It would generate about $11,200 during each year of collection, for a total of $33,600.

“We’re asking a small amount from the community,” said Jim Brennan, chairman of the recreation committee.

The millage proceeds can only be used for recreation site improvements.

Some of the 14 recreation sites involved have been worked on previously through the efforts of local organizations with the work funded by personal donations and free labor. Additional funding has been provided for improvements at some of the areas from the Ethnic Day Committee, Oasis Youth Fund, the Republic Township recreational budget and grants.

“The recreation committee will also apply for additional grants and to foundations in order to help fix these sites,” Brennan said in millage message to township voters.

Those grants may require matching funds. Money is also expected to be needed for trash cans, paint, grills, picnic tables and other items.

“We are very interested in community input on ways to improve these areas and utilize future funds,” Brennan said.

The 14 sites involved include Republic Beach, Munson Park, School Lake, Republic Ballfield, Moose Rapids Campground, Paul’s Park, Witch Lake Playground, Witch Lake Boat Landing, Old Bank Building-Iron Ore Heritage Trail, a golf driving range, future wetlands, a motocross area, an old ski hill and horseshoe courts and trail areas.

“With your support, as a community we can fix and improve our area recreational sites,” Brennan concluded in the message.

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