Who’s to blame?

To the Journal editor:

Enough already! The people in Washington have had 14 days to get this debacle, the national debt, taken care of.

The Republican has submitted nine proposals to settle this situation. All of them have been rejected by either Mr. Obama or Mr. Reid. Mr. Reid has refused to bring these to the senate floor each and every time the proposals were submitted. Mr. Obama is worried about his legacy, well maybe he should look in the mirror once in a while.

His legacy will reflect that in the history of the U.S. he is the only one who has defaulted on payment towards the national debt. This has taken place on your watch Mr. Obama and it will be recorded as same if it is not settled. You have stated time and time again that you will not negotiate on some of the factor’s.

You point your fingers at the Republicans for their “all or nothing” standing. What about your “my way or nothing” in so many words made by you?

Bill Domowicz