MAPS looks at reuse for Graveraet, Vandenboom

MARQUETTE – A new grade alignment for Marquette Area Public Schools could be in the works following Monday’s school board meeting.

The board heard a proposed grade configuration from the district’s Strategic Planning Facilities Subcommittee in August, but has yet to act on it.

The biggest change in the proposal is using the Graveraet Building as a K-5 elementary school and moving the Marquette Alternative High School to the Vandenboom Early Childhood Development Center.

The committee said this configuration would add 23 instructional classrooms – which could be used as traditional classrooms or as special education rooms – for a total of 72 elementary instructional classrooms.

The committee said this configuration also includes space for the district’s special classes, such as art and music.

Also on the agenda is the appointment of Family Life Advisory Committee members and the consideration of adopting updated academic goals as recommended by the Curriculum Council.

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