Make a Difference Day

MARQUETTE- Saturday morning, a great amount of community service was being put into play by Northern Michigan University’s student organizations during their annual Make A Difference Day.

For more than 20 years, the event has been celebrated by colleges across the country a common theme – neighbors helping neighbors.

Student volunteers assisted at more than 246 service locations in the local area by raking leaves, doing other basic lawn care, washing windows and routine fall maintenance for many who can not prepare for the upcoming winter months by themselves.

Hundreds of students came together in the early morning hours to put on their warm clothes, grab rakes, eat breakfast, gulp down coffee, and get themselves into gear by doing amazing deeds for our neighbors here in the area.

“The homeowners are so sweet to us!” Caci Pippin said, “Mrs. Ford kept coming out and checking up on us to see if we were brave enough for the cold.”

And cold it was, with the temperature dropping down to 30 degrees with a mixture of rain, sleet and hail, but these students showed their true Wildcat strength for a great cause.

NMU’s Phi Sigma Sigma members spread themselves out all over Marquette to help a handful of homeowners with their lawn care.

“We do a lot of volunteer work throughout the year,” member Abby Zak said. “It’s a fun way to connect with my sisters and do good for the community, (which) made me love it so much during these past years of coming to Marquette.”

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