Doctor thanked

To the Journal editor:

I have been a disabled veteran from the Korean War for at least 60 years. A live mortar shell exploded near me and caused extensive damage to my legs and upper body. Not all of the shrapnel was successfully removed from the muscles in my upper body. As a result, a few months ago my rotator cuff tore and I was unable to use my arm efficiently.

I was sent to many different doctors and underwent several diagnostic procedures without any resolution until I met Dr. Craig L. Holmes, a family practitioner. He reviewed my records and offered to write letters on my behalf to find a surgeon willing to operate and repair this rotator cuff.

As a result, I received the operation and it was successful. How wonderful it is to find a doctor who was willing to go the extra distance on my behalf instead of just shuffling my case file amid the other ones on his desk.

Thank you, Dr. Holmes for the care and thoroughness that you demonstrated in restoring my ability to function.