Blame the feds

To the Journal editor:

So now the city of Marquette is thinking about changing truck routes to forbid large trucks, notably from the Eagle Mine, to pass through the city to get the ore from the mine to the processing plant.

I do not believe it is right to try to punish and make things more difficult for the mine and the other commercial interests who use Marquette County Road 550 and Wright Street as a truck route.

I would remind everyone that the mine spent countless hours and dollars trying to procure a route that would have avoided all municipalities, offering to pay the entire cost of a new road.

The county was on board, the city was happy, until some meathead bureaucrat in Washington, D.C., who has never been closer to the Upper Peninsula than O’Hare Airport said no. The city should direct its anger and displeasure where it rightfully belongs – the EPA.

I live on Wright Street, see and hear lots of trucks. That is the sound of commerce and that is good.

Perhaps the city can use this as a teachable moment to consider the effect of senseless rules and regulations which harm citizens and opportunities in general. The city does it to its citizens all the time. Now they don’t like it that the fed has done it to them.