Sea grant helps develop Great Lakes teaching tools

We like a web-based program now being offered by the Michigan Sea Grant program that, by all accounts, costs little while providing a wide array of learning opportunities for the general public.

According to The Associated Press, one of the initiatives is called Teaching Great Lakes Science. It’s a website offering lessons, related activities and data sets. They can be woven easily into existing curriculum and cover a range of topics, including climate and weather, lake effect snow and ice cover, food webs and native fish, AP?stated

The other tool, according to AP, is something called FieldScope, a web-based mapping, analysis and visualization tool hosted by the National Geographic Society.

It can be used to investigate subjects like water quality or fish spawning grounds. Users can explore rivers and streams, watershed boundaries, water depth, elevation and land cover. They can upload their own field data and compare it with material from elsewhere, stated AP.

Both are good examples of how the web can be used to educate a large number of people at modest cost.