Pink rocks

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to the Mining Journal because I want to share with everyone the love and concern my school has for our community.

A few years ago, in Cindy DePetro’s women’s literature class at Marquette Alternative High School, we developed an idea to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

We called the program, WE CARE. We found sponsors who pledged money for every student who wore pink on a predetermined day.

We also did a can/bottle drive. Together we raised money for a cancer patient at Marquette General Hospital who was struggling to pay for her chemotherapy treatments.

This year, my school is excited about helping someone in our community again. We really want to keep the money local, and make a difference in someone’s life at the same time.

Today, our school is going pink! We would really appreciate any cash donations, pledges, or returnable donations. Together, with my hometown and school, I feel we can help someone know how much we value their life.

Lastly, I want everyone to know how much WE CARE at MAHS. If you have any desire to help us out, please send in your donations or drop them off at Graveraet school, 611 N. Front St., Marquette.

Samantha Lundquist, junior