Women’s Center has provided four decades of service

Last week, Mining Journal reporter Renee Prusi produced a four-part series showcasing the development, activities and services of The Women’s Center in Marquette, which is now celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

We extend our congratulations to the center, its workers and all the good things the work of those involved have wrought for women in the region over the past four decades.

One particularly interesting thread in Prusi’s stories was how much things have changed over the years in perceptions, attitudes and society related to women’s issues since the early 1970s when the center was in its infancy.

“The Ishpeming Rotary Club wanted to have us come out to talk to the group, which at the time was all men,” said Patricia Micklow, one of four Marquette women Prusi interviewed who was involved in the founding of the women’s center in 1973. “They wanted to hear about women’s liberation. We had men shouting at us ‘My wife doesn’t feel like that!'”

Prusi also discussed the development of the effort to expand in the area to today include services offered in both Marquette and Alger counties.

In 1980, the Women’s Center moved from Northern Michigan University to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Marquette, and the efforts to empower women grew even stronger.

In 1986, the Women’s Center moved into its present building on South Front Street in Marquette and continues to offer a variety of programs and services for women.

Prusi’s series was a fine commemorative effort showcasing an important entity in the local community, which will no doubt continue to provide services and programs for women reaching far into the future.

Again, we congratulate the center for 40 years of success and we congratulate Prusi on her efforts to commemorate those advances.