What God wants

To the Journal editor:

I read in the Sept. 29 issue of The Mining Journal about the center for the homeless. Finally some good news, with the mess in Washington about who gets what money and how much, its nice to see that Cliffs Natural Resources and the Catholic Diocese of Marquette are giving money to help the cause.

How about the rest of the area churches giving money to help, and how about us citizens of Marquette? Let’s help those in need. I plan to send some money. If we all pitch in, we can get the $125,000 needed to complete the project.

I’ve visited people at the Room At The Inn. Most have fell on hard times with no one to help. It’s a good program. Think about it yourself. Only a paycheck away from maybe being in a situation that the homeless people are in.

This country is heading in the wrong direction. Where is the compassion for others. Honesty and truth are not practiced in Washington. Our elected officials need to be replaced. Come 2014 get out and vote a new Congress and Senate in. We are stuck with the president for three more years. I just hope he starts being like a real president.

The only way we as a country can be proud to live in the U.S. is to get back to what made the U.S. a place you want to live. That’s respect each other, care for one another, have honesty and truth restored and most of all have a moral direction that comes from a spiritual awaken to follow the path God intended us to follow.

If we continue on the present path don’t expect to see things improving. It’s going to get a lot worse. As I always say watch and time will tell what will happen in the coming days ahead.

Thank you.