Leadership needed

To the Journal editor:

Another month of threats from our government leaders.

Did you notice the first things to close were the national and federal parks. Were the N.S.A., F.B.I., C.I.A., and other government run agencies closed? I doubt it.

Sounds like a bunch of poor little rich kids playing in a sand box and can’t get along. One trying to out do the other. I’ll bet the Congress are still got paid. Why?

If any other businesses were shut down, the employees would not be paid.

Employees? Hmmmm, isn’t that what our leaders actually are, our employees? Maybe we should stop paying “our” employees until they start working for us instead of stealing our money.

Isn’t it time we as, one people, cleaned our own house instead of trying to clean up someone else’s?

What would happen if we cut back on foreign aid? We’d have more funding for those in need right in our own country.

We have an outrageous national debt. What about what the other countries owe us from World War II?

The national debt seems to be null and void compared to that.

We are supposed to be a free nation, but, those who lead us have us in a trap. Isn’t it time we, as one people, break out of it?