Company questioned

To the Journal editor:

Unbelievable. What part of no does Rio Tinto not understand?

The community voted against Marquette County Road 595 so what makes them think it would be OK to turn the AAA and County Road 510 into the mines very own service highway? I’m offended.

I mean, do they think we are that stupid? People live in that area because they enjoy the pristine wilderness and lifestyle. People visit for the same reasons, and those visitors are very important for many local businesses.

The clearing and construction of another highway would negatively impact many local activities from hunting to hiking, blueberry picking to birding, fall colors to fishing, all things locals enjoy and all things that attract people from out of town. Now, please Marquette County Road Commission, I ask you to start representing the people of Marquette County instead of foreign business interests.

Demetri Lafkas