Rabbit Island work at Devos

MARQUETTE – The Rabbit Island: Works and Research 2010-2013 exhibition is at the Devos Art Museum through Nov. 17.

Rabbit Island is a 91-acre forested island in Lake Superior three miles east of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The island is composed of a native ecosystem standing upon solid bedrock and has never been developed or subdivided. Bald eagles and great blue herons nest in the trees and the surrounding waters provide habitat for thriving lake trout and salmon populations.

The mission of the Rabbit Island Residency is to serve as a platform for science, art, preservation and recreation for the generations. The residence program has been in beta stage since 2010 and the official residency program is set to launch in 2014.

This exhibition looks back on the past three years of projects inspired by and created on the island.

It features works by Andrew Ranville, Charlotte X.C. Sullivan, Colin Curry, Cabin-Time 3 (Sarah Darnell, Ryan Greaves, Geoffrey Holstad. Isabella Martin, Miles Mattison, Colin McCarty, Mary Rothlisberger), David Buth/Summer Journeys/Christina Mrozik. David Drennen, Emily Julka, LoT Office for Architecture (LeonidasTrampoukis & Eleni Petaloti). Helen Lovelee, Lucy Engleman. Rob Gorski, Sara Maynard. Tony Cenicola and Will Holman.

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