KLT congratulated for preserving Hungarian Falls

Congratulations go out to the Keweenaw Land Trust for preserving a small slice of the Copper Country for future generations.

The non-profit trust acquired a 10-acre parcel of property from Torch Lake Township located north of Lake Linden in Houghton County. On the property is Hungarian Falls, a breathtaking spectacle on the Hungarian Creek that has been a favorite site for residents and visitors alike for years.

The trust, which plans picnic tables, signage and other amenities, held a dedication last weekend. The Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton reported that a design team from Michigan Tech University, headed by professor Stan Vitton, is assessing the land and will recommend different approaches for managing it, said Evan McDonald, executive director of the land trust

“They’re looking at the condition of the property, the condition of the dam, where the trails are, the parking area, all sorts of issues like that,” McDonald told the Gazette. “Then they’re going to make recommendations on different approaches we can take to manage the property. We have to think about making it user-friendly, easy to maintain and cost effective.”

The overall goal is to balance greater accessibility with maintaining the site’s natural beauty, the trust said.

We like the fact that the site will continue to be accessible. That wouldn’t have been the case if the tract had fallen into private hands. Natural beauty of that magnitude must always be open to the public.