Tea Party challenged

To the Journal editor:

For the sake of the Americans that are now living in an uncertain mode, it is time for those members of the Republican Party that are frustrated with the direction the party is headed, to make a decision needed for this moment in time.

If moderate Republicans are being smothered out of the process in the House of Representatives because the Tea Party Republicans feel they are the real Republicans, maybe it is time for sensible Republicans to separate themselves from the extremists that hijacked the party.

Though the Tea Party members are not killing people, they have something in common with the Taliban in Afghanistan; they are bitter and bent on causing emotional pain on innocent citizens to attack the present leadership in American. It is my notion the new attack on Obamacare is part of that bitterness that has put the Tea Party in a strange mental frenzy to stop its success.

Even though this is wishful thinking, in my opinion, it would certainly be a political wonder if moderate Republican members of the House changed over to the Democratic Party.

John Boehner, the speaker of the House would lose his power to stop votes to open the government; and the Tea Party would be marginalized. This would be that type of political courage John Kennedy mentioned in “Profiles in Courage.”

In my opinion, it really does not matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat; it does matter whether America will continue to be a mature democracy or a democracy for the few (just for the Tea Party).