Scammers claim to be state police

MARQUETTE – The Michigan State Police are warning area residents about a new phone scam that involves callers posing as state police and telling people they have warrants out for their arrest and must issue a payment to clear their names.

Police said they have received several calls about the scam, saying callers are told they must pay to avoid arrest while being asked for personal information such as bank account information.

Police said law enforcement would never call people to notify them of a warrant, nor would they ask for money or bank account information.

Police are advising residents to never provide personal information to unknown callers, never respond to unsolicited e-mails from unknown senders and to confirm the identity of a person by independently speaking with the identified source, such as your bank, credit card company or government agency.

Police also advise residents to ask for a call-back name and number for the person on the other end of the phone line and to report any suspicious activity to police.

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