Vintage clothing featured at ‘pop up’ fashion sales

MARQUETTE – Hilary Bloch’s passion for vintage fashion started when she would play dress-up as a child. She would go to the thrift store with her mother to pick out things to put in her dress-up chest.

“I remember ruining a pair of 1930s gold painted leather dancing shoes,” Bloch said. “At least they had a second wonderful life on my feet.”

When she grew up she decided to share her passion for clothes with the general public.

“At first I just did it small scale on eBay to feed my own habit and buy myself clothes,” Bloch said.

As time went on she amassed so much clothes she began to do private parties and sales at different venues. She named her business Vere de Vere Vintage.

She keeps her stock at her husband’s law office and takes it wherever she decides to set up shop.

Bloch gets her stock from estate sales and people in the area, looking for clothes from pre-1900 to the late 1950s and very rarely the 70s. She buys clothes that have been well cared for that don’t need major repairs.

“I love to go to the estate sales and get to meet the families,” Bloch said. “I like learning about the women who wore these clothes.”

She regularly posts her newest finds to her Facebook page and then to her online shop on She started it a year ago to help sell some of her merchandise.

People who like her page on Facebook can ask to see products in a certain size and she will post photos.

“I will get a request like ‘what do you have in a size 12?’ and I will post pictures,” Bloch said. “People will sometimes buy directly from my Facebook before things go to Etsy.”

Her most recent “pop up” sale was at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. The theme for this sale was fall fashion dating from the 1930s thru the 60s for men and women. She had suits, coats, dresses, hats, shoes and jewelry.

Kimmie Conrad said she was really excited to go to the pop up show.

“I meant to come ages ago,” Conrad said. “I like the higher quality of the vintage clothes plus no one is going to have the same thing.”

Vere de Vere Vintage’s next sale will be Nov. 21 at the Downtown Ladies Night. To set up a private appointment to buy or sell clothing, or a special event, call Bloch at 362-6015 or Her Etsy shop is

Sylvia Stevens can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 240.