International Archaeology Day to be celebrated

MARQUETTE – When you hear the word archaeology, what do you think of?

Indiana Jones comes to mind, with his active adventures leading to amazing discoveries. This fictional portrayal of archaeology may not be the everyday example, yet at least it is in the correct branch of science. Archaeology does not mean the study of dinosaurs – that’s paleontology. And it does not mean the design of buildings – that’s architecture.

Archaeology is finding out about past human behavior by studying material evidence, incredible evidence and artifacts left behind that have recorded human history. We have learned so much from archaeology and stand to learn fathoms more. Right here in Marquette County and the Upper Peninsula, we have outstanding artifacts being found to this day.

In conjunction with International Archaeology Day, the Marquette Regional History Center will be holding an all-ages fair on Saturday, Oct. 19. From a Roman banquet in Honolulu to a similar fair like Marquette’s in Cambodia, folks all around the world will recognize the human stories left behind by small and large material evidence.

At the fair in Marquette, an array of booths will be set up in center’s gathering hall. Displays and activities will fill these booths, run by volunteer experts and general history fans alike. Attendees will be able to see local artifacts both old and “new” and hear the stories behind them, learn about local sites and identification, play games and puzzles, make their own pictograph, win prizes, enjoy the extensive museum galleries and even take a short trip to a local site to learn more.

The local fair will take place from noon to 3 p.m. at the Marquette Regional History Center. The fair is included with the cost of admission.

For more information, call 226-3571 or visit the website