MGH’s Muller set to retire

MARQUETTE – Marquette General Hospital president Gary Muller will retire from his top leadership role at the hospital at the end of this year.

While he will retire effective Dec. 31, Muller, 64, will continue as president and CEO of Superior Health Partners – an affiliation of nine Upper Peninsula hospitals and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan – until Feb. 28, when he will retire fully, hospital officials said today in a news release.

“After a career of nearly 40 years in health care, it is time to move to a new phase of my life,” Muller said in a news release. He came to MGH in November 2007.

“It is personally satisfying to leave Marquette General Hospital and Superior Health Partners stronger than they were when I arrived six years ago,” Muller said. “Much of the success has been accomplished since September 2012 when the health system was acquired by Duke LifePoint.

“With Duke, the quality of care at MGH is continuing to be enhanced and LifePoint has brought significant human and financial resources, and, most recently, the announcement of a new hospital campus to create a health care facility for the future.”

Muller, who worked closely with the MGH Board of Trustees to explore partnership options and stabilize the hospital for the future, is confident the success will continue.

“We have a team in place at MGH that will guide the continued success of the hospital and its partnership with Duke LifePoint,” Muller said. “I see a very bright future for MGH, SHP and Duke LifePoint, and I am proud to have been a part of it.”

Duke LifePoint and the board of trustees will identify the best candidate to fill Muller’s role at the hospital. Hospital officials said details of this will be announced once a decision is made.

“Gary has provided extraordinary leadership to Marquette General Hospital in the six years he has served as CEO,” said Jeff Seraphine, Eastern Group president of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, of which Marquette General is a part. “He has been instrumental in building a strong foundation for the future of this hospital as part of Duke LifePoint and has been an ongoing advocate for the community he serves.”