Filling up the photography bucket list

Whether or not they’ve written it down, I think almost everyone has a bucket list.

Mine list isn’t written down either, but I do have one, though. My bucket list is full of things I would like to photograph one day.

My photography list is pretty long, but most of the items on it are rather simple items – things such as shooting particular landscapes and waterfalls across the Upper Peninsula and finding an albino deer.

One of the items I?got to cross off my list most recently was the Grand Canyon, which I visited back in May when I went to see my parents in Arizona.

Completing my list will require a lot of traveling, but the two I would like to shoot the most are pictures that professional photographers have probably taken hundreds of times: star trails and the northern lights.

I know it might seem weird to people that I haven’t taken these photographs before, but I’ve just never really had the chance.

Since I’ve become a photographer, there were times when I didn’t quite have the right equipment for these subjects. But now that I do, I just don’t seem to have the time or energy to stay up that late.

The aurora borealis was in full swing Tuesday night, but due to having to work the next morning, I decided the responsible thing was to go to bed at a proper time.

There was another incident last summer where I was driving back from Negaunee late one night and I could literally see the aurora pulsating throughout the sky. My first thought was to go home, grab my camera, and hike up Sugar Loaf. However, since I’ve seen way too many horror movies about teenagers in the woods alone at night, I didn’t have the guts to go up by myself.

As for the star trail photograph, I’ve been camping once in the past two years. And during that single camping trip – which was during Labor Day this year – the night sky was kind of cloudy, so there weren’t very many stars visible.

I guess until I finally get these shots, I will just enjoy and be jealous of all the photographs that pop up on my social media feed.

Hopefully I’ll get to cross these off my bucket list soon.

Editor’s note: Recent Northern Michigan University graduate and Mining Journal photo journalist Adelle Whitefoot can be reached at 906-228-2500. Her email address is