MARQUETTE- Cheers and yelling filled the air of the Westwood High School football stadium on a Monday night as homecoming week started off with the 2013 Powder Puff Football Games.

The senior class took the field first against the freshman class for an all-girl flag football match, with the sophomores and juniors following.

The annual Powder Puff event is not only the kickoff of Westwood’s homecoming week, but also a fundraiser for student council, said Julie Luehmann, WHS student council advisor.

“It adds a new dimension to homecoming and gets the kids outside and doing something different,” Leuhmann said. “I like it because it gets a lot of kids involved in an activity so more kids are involved with homecoming, and it’s at the beginning of the week so they get into the homecoming spirit.

“It just gets interest level up for homecoming which get the school spirit level up as well.”

This year’s homecoming theme was superheroes. The freshmen picked Captain America, the sophomores picked Batman, the juniors pick the Hulk and the seniors picked Spiderman. During the games, each class wore colors representing their superhero mascot. The first game was freshmen versus seniors, followed by the juniors versus the sophomores with the winners of each game going on to a championship game.

“The freshmen are always intimidated coming in,” Leuhmann said. “They always say, ‘we’re going to get killed.’ Then I remind them that they will be seniors one day and they feel better about the game.”

The games also allow students to meet with other students they normally might not talk to, Leuhmann said. Senior Megan Chapman, 17, said one of her favorite parts about powder puff football is getting to know some of the other girls.

“Some girls you just don’t talk to, but this gives you a way to talk to more people,” Chapman said. “Also, my favorite part is just being with your class and playing as a team.”

Chapman’s class won last year as juniors. She said the most enjoyable part of the powder puff is winning and being able to score points. Senior Amber Salo, 17, said the same thing.

“Winning and scoring touchdowns are my favorite things about powder puff. I think it’s a big accomplishment for us girls,” Salo said. “I can feel the excitement the guys feel now.”

Both Chapman and Salo, who’ve participated all four years of high school, said it’s sad and bittersweet now that it’s their last year in high school.

“I’m going to miss homecoming the most about high school,” Chapman said. “But we’re making it a fun last year.”

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