Retail group celebrates customers shopping in Michigan

LANSING- Today Michigan shoppers and retailers celebrate the first “Get Caught Blue-Handed” Day, as part of the annual Buy Nearby campaign launched earlier this year by Michigan Retailers Association.

The celebration takes place in stores and communities all across the state. Michiganders are being encouraged to go shopping nearby with friends and family and have fun “getting caught” supporting retailers in the shoppers’ communities – or wherever they happen to be spending the day in Michigan.

Many retailers and shoppers are expected to take photographs or videos of those getting caught and post them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites. Participating stores are planning special activities or sales as an extra incentive to Buy Nearby.

The “Get Caught Blue-Handed” campaign reflects the blue of Michigan’s lakes and sky, the same blue in the state-shaped Buy Nearby logo. Participating retailers will celebrate customers getting caught blue-handed in different ways.

“This one-day celebration and year-round campaign are for the benefit of everyone in Michigan,” said Tom Ungrodt, president and CEO of Ideation in Ann Arbor and chairman of the MRA Board of Directors.

“Buy Nearby is designed to provide direct economic benefits to our local and state economies while getting everyone excited about the great places and great shops we have in Michigan. It’s a way to have fun and recognize the importance of businesses that have invested their dollars and hard work to create jobs and improve the quality of life in our communities.”

The Get Caught Blue-Handed video can be found at watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LroNpwUdpnM.