But for Senate Dems

To the Journal editor:

The House Republicans sent the spending bill to the Senate, but for the Senate Democrats, government would still be functioning. But for Senate Democrats, the National Institutes of Health would be funded and a little girl would be receiving her cancer trial.

But for Senate Democrats, 700,000-plus federal employees would be at work. But for Senate Democrats, WWII veterans would be visiting their war memorials. What didn’t the House Republicans fund? The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). With over 50 percent of polled Americans believing the Affordable Care Act will mean more cost and less health care, I see House Republicans listening to Americans.

Senate Democrats are ignoring the people they claim to represent and are intent on cramming down America’s throat the Affordable Care Act. House Republicans see how business is responding to the Affordable Care Act and acted.

Senate Democrats remain intent on “cramming down” business’ throat the Affordable Care Act. But for Senate Democrats, government would be open and American’s wishes would be respected.

I call on President Obama and Senate Democrats to pass the House spending bill and respect America’s opinion! Stop hurting America to save the unwanted Affordable Care Act.