GOP in wrong

To the Journal editor:

Unless we, or someone we love, works for the federal government, the first day of this shutdown hasn’t meant much.

What it does mean though is a group of elected politicians who disagree with legislation that was pass by Congress, signed by the president, deemed constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court are holding the nation hostage.

Our constitution has a clearly defined way to change laws; shutting down the government is not included.

My heart aches for all those WIC families, those young children who will not understand why they can’t go to pre-school; those SNAP families will not eat without help from our not the government; all those public servants who are expected to give service with a smile by the very public who begrudges the taxes to pay their salaries; salaries that have been frozen for years; all those employees who’ve already experienced furlough days.

My heart aches for our daughter who has finally had her position eliminated because their department can no longer absorb the budget cuts.

I worry about the safety our government tries to ensure for our food, our roads, our workplaces, our skies, our water. I’m saddened by all the vacations planned to visit our nation’s Capitol, our national parks and monuments.

Yes all those things sadden me, but what outrageous me is the subversion of our constitution by the political party that lost the last election and now calls for a mulligan, a do over, a compromise.

Shame on them. I fear for our country if they’re allowed to get away with holding our rule of law hostage.

Sarah Redmond, AuTrain