Projects successful

To the Journal editor:

Cheers to the Marquette County Board who voted unanimously “to create a committee to study whether using water diverted from the Escanaba River – during spring flooding – or the Empire Mine is a viable method to recharge the Sands Plains aquifer.”

It is my opinion, that creating a huge mitigated wetland in Sands Plains by using Goose Lake outlet spring runoff would assist greatly with this task while also helping, in part, with reclamation of the aging Empire Mine and without diverting great lakes waterways.

One look at the success of the Republic Mine reclamation and Negaunee mitigated wetland projects while amateurish in design and scope are still successful.

With a little help from a celebrated, highly professional agency like Ducks Unlimited that specializes in creating successful, productive wetlands, these proposed “groundwater producers” could be a national example of industry working hand-in-hand with the community to accomplish great things for us all.

Ducks Unlimited may even help for free.