Work challenged

To the Journal editor:

I saw red instead of green when I saw the proposed sketch for the redevelopment of the 700 block of north third street.

Before you go jumping up in praise of the project I suggest you take a second look something seems to be missing here. Aha!

It clearly suggests the removal of the Third Base Bar in favor of an outdoor patio for patrons of Frosty Treats.

Well, I have a few words to say about that: FE! FI! FO! FUM! Look out city here I come!

Might I point out that the Third Base is the major business on the whole blasted block. Open year-round it’s a family friendly bar where young adults are welcome and always on their best behavior.

It has traditionally been a popular meeting spot for returning yoopers and countless other visitors from out of the area.

I trust The Mining Journal will temper its enthusiasm for the plan and offer an apology to the Third Base Bar and its many fine patrons for what I suspect was merely a grievous oversight on your part, which needs to be acknowledged.