Third Street future planned at sessions

MARQUETTE – Walkability and economic vitality are two objectives driving the Third Street Corridor Sustainable Development Plan, which was presented to the public this morning at the Marquette Commons.

Robert Gibbs of the Gibbs Planning Group talked about the plan aimed at creating a vibrant and sustainable Third Street Corridor.

Gibbs said the objectives include improving the residential areas and creating commercial vitality, which he said aren’t mutually exclusive.

“What’s good for the neighborhoods is good for the commercial, and what’s good for the commercial is good for the neighborhoods,” Gibbs said.

The planning process had involved multiple public sessions with business owners and the public.

High on the priority list for Third Street are a separate lane for bicyclists, increased parking spaces, a town square and clearly designated pedestrian crossings.

Gibbs said the mile-long corridor was divided into three sections: north, middle and south. The north and south ends were to be of medium density while the middle was to be of lower density.

“In the middle, especially, we want to keep this looking like a neighborhood,” Gibbs said.

Andrea Forsberg, owner of Flower Works at 1007 N. Third St., said people love Marquette because of its small-town character. She also noted people are relocating to the Third Street corridor.

“They are moving back because you’re more flexible doing things,” Forsberg said.

Another presentation of the plan is scheduled for 7 this evening at the Commons.

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