A tad askew

I’m putting out a call to all those fashion designers in the world that dictate what the rest of us get to wear.

Maybe it’s not fashionable, maybe it’s not stylish – but let’s start giving professional women pockets.

Who made the decision from on high, passing it down through the fashion moguls, that professional women obviously have no need for pockets?

I’m a reporter. Trying to head out somewhere to cover something is an exercise in juggling. I think I may have found my plan B for a career – the circus.

Not only can I hold my pen and notebook – two staple tools of every reporter – but I’m also tasked with carrying my voice recorder, my cell phone and my car keys.

Without a purse, which I don’t like carrying with me everywhere, these items have nowhere to go. So, I shuffle them back and forth from hand to hand.

It’s also pretty common to go to an event and be given pamphlets or papers with necessary information for a story I’ll be writing. Then I have to carry that stuff too.

I typically carry a purse, if you want to call it that, when I’m out on my own. It’s large and loops over my shoulder, hanging down almost to my knee.

It’s not the most professional thing in the world. I don’t like wearing it when I’m working.

I’m not so sure professional purses exist. They are fashion accessories and I don’t think they have a place on the table when I’m interviewing someone – whether that someone is the head of a local organization or one of many politicians who often visit the Marquette area.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing, though, isn’t even the pants that just have no pockets at all. It’s the ones that have the fake pockets that really drive me nuts.

The fashion folks understand that pockets look good on pants, that they add some modicum of style, but aren’t willing to actually sew them in.

Maybe that will interfere with how tight these pants can be made – and they seem to be getting tighter and tighter on both men and women – but the pocket has lasted this long in human history because it’s one of the most useful things ever devised.

And men get to have them in droves.

They have pockets in their pants, their shirts, their suit coats. Maybe they could share some of the wealth.

Maybe I’m just going to have to learn how to sew and make my own dress pants. But considering I haven’t sewed a stitch since I made a pillow in seventh-grade home-ec – on which I received the decidedly average grade of C – I’m thinking it might be time to add something to the repertoire of women’s wear.

If its good enough for the guys, it should be good enough for the girls. Let’s bring back the pocket.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jackie Stark is a Chocolay Township resident and a staff reporter at The Mining Journal. Her column appears bi-weekly. She can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 242. Her email address is jstark@miningjournal.net.