Lundin flying surveys of ore bodies near Eagle Mine

HUMBOLDT – Lundin Mining Co. officials announced Wednesday aerial surveys will be conducted over the next several days to help the mining company better understand the bedrock geology near the Eagle Mine in Michigamme Township.

In a news release, Lundin officials said the aerial survey was scheduled to begin Wednesday and last for several days, depending on weather conditions. A helicopter with geophysical equipment attached to its underside will be flown at low level near the Eagle Mine. The equipment will transmit and receive electromagnetic signals.

“This particular flight pattern has not been completed before,” said Lundin spokesman Daniel Blondeau. “The data collected from the survey will help us get a better understanding of the bedrock geology south of Eagle.”

Lundin officials said the flights will comply with federal guidelines and no materials will be released into the environment.

In June, when the sale of the Eagle Mine by Rio Tinto to Lundin was announced, officials said part of the deal included mineral rights to a roughly 24-square-mile rectangular area around the mine, where further exploration was expected.

Lundin’s website stated the expected life of the mine is eight years, with potential growth from several exploration targets having been identified in close proximity to the copper and nickel mine.

“There are targets near the Eagle Mine. It is far too soon to know if they contain mineralization that would be economical to pursue,” Blondeau said. “We’re also continuing an underground drilling program at Eagle to better define the ore body. We’ll also continue to perform surface drilling to better understand the Eagle ore body.”

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