Can anyone stop the giant phones?

I would say I’m old enough to have seen a huge evolution of cellphones – they’re becoming more popular, more commonplace and more technologically advanced.

When I was growing up, cellphones were always getting smaller. It seemed that the newest and best phone to have was the smallest. There was even a phone the size of a pen that came out when I was in high school. I always thought if I had a cell phone that small I’d lose it more often – more often than I misplace my phone now.

Now, it seems that cell phones have taken a 180- degree turn and are getting bigger and bigger.

My first cell phone was a Nextel Motorola i530 flip phone. It was a tough, two-way flip phone that was marketed as a great phone to use on a construction site. That phone was virtually indestructable and it was a great first phone for a 13-year-old. I eventually moved to a Samsung flip phone that died after a year, then to a Blackberry Pearl that lasted almost two years until it had a glitch that was unfixable. That was when I switched to my first smartphone, a Motorola Droid.

I wasn’t excited to have to get a new phone yet again, but I was excited to get one of the newest phones on the market at the time. When I first got the phone, I thought it was a little big, and compared to a Pearl it was. But compared to the phones coming out now, it’s small.

I’m not really sure what the attraction to a phone the size of a tablet is, but I know that I definitely don’t want one or need one. My current phone is a very banged up Droid 4. I love that it’s still a fairly normal size with a physical keyboard, another feature that it seems will disappear soon enough.

Though I do like some things about my Droid 4, it is a little beat up and doesn’t really handle the new Android upgrades too well. So it glitches – a lot.

When I heard that Verizon was releasing a new line of Droids I was very excited, until I saw them. There are three of them and two of them are quite large. I held a Galaxy S4 next to them and the Droids were bigger than that phone. The third one is called a mini and has the same surface size as my current phone. But since when is a normal-sized phone called a mini?

I want to know who made the decision that smartphones needed to compete with tablets. I think they should be two separate electronic devices.

Editor’s note: Recent Northern Michigan University graduate and Mining Journal photo journalist Adelle Whitefoot can be reached at 906-228-2500.