Jesus is needed

To the Journal editor:

We have all recently seen or heard on the news about conditions in Syria. Many innocent women children and even men being killed in large numbers.

The use of chemical weapons is serious. The gas used is devastating to say the least, you cannot see smell or even know its there and it will kill you in a very short time.

Being in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Coast Guard, I did remember seeing and have training on nuclear and chemical warfare. It’s pretty scary to watch. Just think if it happens directly to you. With either nuclear or chemical you don’t have much of a chance to survive and if you did it could mean much suffering later.

These weapons are man made and if gotten in the wrong hands, it may be the end of the human race. This country as well as others have nuclear stock piles yet it would not take much if we had a exchange of missiles at each other. Like wise with chemical weapons.

It’s just a matter of who is foolish enough to launch a large amount at each other. Its not like small wars we have lately. Not much defiance on stopping I.C.B.M’s, missiles with multiple warheads, if the blast don’t kill you, then radiation will. As for chemical’s as you see in Syria just bury a lot of people.

I remember in the Air Force, there was a saying, “Peace is our profession.” In other words, have defense in hopes of keeping the peace. In the Coast Guard, what they are doing every day is try to save people, not kill them. It was a good feeling while in the Coast Guard to get a call to rescue someone from possible death.

Even through we could have lost our lives trying to save them. So, in conclusion keep watch, it’s a dangerous world. Only when Jesus Christ returns will peace be restored. I hope to see that day soon.

Thank you.