Weeds are scary

To the Journal editor:

This is a new one on me as I have never seen anything like it, ever.

On the evening of Aug. 27 – the night of the fog – I’m driving south on Kelly Johnson with my sister from California and nephew from Milwaukee.

No fog lines or center lines as the highway was recently chip coated. I was driving to what was safe as far as I could see. Bright lights on my bumper and in a hurry. I pulled over and let the van with the failing muffler fly by.

Out the window of this van comes a couple bags of garage. I’m dodging diapers. My nephew said, “what the …” and I told him that that was just another creative way some of the renters out here on base get rid of their garbage as the slumlords aren’t required to provide garage service and that some of these folks are into real estate. See where I’m going?

I’m watching these fields and lawns of knapweed two-feet tall grow like a cancer and I know that some ordinance isn’t being enforced. Dead grass and brush over six inches on property within Forsyth Township will not be tolerated.

Safety, welfare of the public and blah, blah, blah. I think the base is ground zero for purple knapweed. It grows in the cracks in the street and the road commission is helpless to do anything about it. Need a knap grant. And it’s in Marquette city. Very scary.

On a positive note, we have the cleanest sewers in the county out here thanks to that professional sewer crew and that 100,000-pound blue honey wagon. Thanks guys.