MARQUETTE – The abundance of road construction projects taking place throughout the Marquette area this fall is taking a toll on busing for the Marquette school district.

“It is an unusually, at least in our experience with those people I’ve talked to, an unusually high amount of construction this year,” said Marquette Area Public Schools Interim Superintendent Bill Saunders.

Saunders said the district’s transportation software system – which is used to calculate the most efficient routes and pick-up points for buses – doesn’t take construction into account, and new projects springing up here and there can also disrupt the routes.

“The computer may put out a pick-up point say at the corner of Fisher and Altamont streets, but because that is tore up right now, we have to move that pick-up point maybe a block or two out of the construction zone,” Saunders said.

Saunders said it would be helpful if parents could call the district’s transportation office to alert them of any changes in construction near their homes.

“Let us know the construction changes by the day,” Saunders said. “‘Today, my block is open and the buses can get here’ … It helps if the parents recognize that maybe before we do, to give us a call and say ‘I know they’re going to be on my block.'”

The transportation office can be reached by calling 225-5774.

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