Ad-ing it up: TV commercials entertain, baffle

Labor Day was unseasonably cool. In fact, not only did I have to shut all my windows, my “winter” slippers made their first appearance in months and the furnace in my apartment building kicked on.

It wasn’t a day to frolic outside, so instead, I watched some TV, cuddling with my trio of cats.

Mostly, it was an “NCIS” marathon that was playing but the commercials are what caught my ear and eye.

Like the woman named Cherry who cheerily said, “I’m here to talk about your bums.” Ah, what? It was a commercial for Cottonelle’s Fresh Care flushable cleaning cloths.

Full disclosure: I had to go online to find out what the product was actually called.

Cherry is a Brit and maybe it’s the accent which makes the ad seem less odd than if, say, James Earl Jones offered up the sentence, “I’m here to talk about your bums.”

The commercial probably has aired for awhile, but this was the first time it captured my attention. The ad doesn’t make me want to rush out to purchase the product, but it is memorable.

An ad I’d like to forget is the Progressive Insurance spot in which Flo sings one of my all-time favorite songs, “I’ll Stand By You.” That classic by The Pretenders has always touched my heart.

Flo’s rendition? Not so much. It’s worse than most karaoke.

Progressive had me as a fan by having sauna pronounced correctly in one of its previous spots. Sow-na, not sah-na, people. But now its ad is a mute-button provoker.

A spot that had me baffled was for Air Curler, which will “dry and curl your hair in 20 seconds.” Except all the people demonstrating the product have dry hair to start. Hmmm

And the ad compares the hair dryer attachment to a cotton candy machine. Which makes me think of Frenchie’s hair in “Grease” during the “Beauty School Dropout” number.

No sale.

A commercial series which now has a fan in me is the Swiffer series with Lee and Morty Kaufman. That elderly couple is too cute as Lee demonstrates how the Swiffer products help her clean up, while Morty talks about how he just makes dirt.

They are sweet. “Are you listening, Morty?” “I’m listening, dear.”

Nice ads, Swiffer. I am listening, too, and loving the Kaufmans.

Here’s hoping the next time I indulge in a TV binge, it includes more of Lee and Morty and less of Flo’s singing and talk of cotton candy hair.

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