Trash, treasure merge into one in annual event in Marquette

By Journal Staff

MARQUETTE – One man’s trash is another’s man treasure, so goes the old adage.

In the Marquette area Saturday, this time-honored phrase will hold true during the city of Marquette’s annual “Trash to Treasure Day.”

Beginning at 8 a.m. – and no earlier, per the city’s request – city residents can place reusable or serviceable items in front of their homes on the curb, where others can pick through and take anything they want home with them.

According to a press release issued by the city, all items must be removed by 2 p.m.

“Removal of items will be strictly enforced in accordance with Section 22.33 of the City’s Nuisance Ordinance,” the press release states.

The ordinance reads: “It shall be unlawful for any person to accumulate rubbish or any articles or junk except as may be necessary for construction work or normal course of business.”

Anything still on the curb after 2 p.m. time will be picked up by the city of Marquette Public Works Department and the property owner will be charged for the cost of removal.

Area residents are also encouraged to remove lawn decorations or other wanted items “to avoid mistaken identity.”

“Examples of items that can be recycled include lamps, tables, chairs, dishes, etc.,” the press release states. “Please, no rubbish. Rubbish is defined to mean anything that does not work, is not clean and is not serviceable.”