Don’t forget Jayne

To the Journal editor:

Downtown Marquette is booming with attraction in history and culture to enhance our community.

For this I appreciate and am thankful for the on-going hard work from committees and individuals that support Marquette and its future.

But there is someone that is being forgotten that is/was a legend to lifelong art and culture, our dear Jayne Hiebel.

A huge community effort was set forth in May of 2004 to fund a public sculpture in the form of a fountain to honor this lovely lady and her contribution to the arts in Marquette County. So many of us folks gave willingly from our pockets to make meaningful donations to this tribute/project.

Sad to say, on this day in August 2013, this fountain is surrounded with caution tape and its purpose and beauty is in jeopardy.

I realize we must be futuristic in planning for our city – but, please do not lose sight of Jayne’s honor and all her wonderful efforts to enrich children, art and culture.

I only hope that the recreation of this present fountain involves salvaging the art material, not wasting, restoring ” practical beauty” with gratitude toward Jayne Hiebel.

Please be sensitive to the meaning of this tribute – to a woman who touched so many lives. May her essence of simple beauty and imagination remain to focus on the harmony of nature within our city, which was her special theme.

I am standing up for my community because my wonderful and loving kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Hiebel, taught me to appreciate art and so many other values.

This is my expression to thank her and to secure a landmark in her honor and memory.

Carolyn (Chaz) Crowley