Negaunee VFW scores pair of wins

ISHEPMING – In the Ishpeming Twilight Horseshoe League’s Classic Division play from Aug. 28, Household Appliance blasted Willey’s Tire Shop, 14-4, and Negaunee VFW clubbed Paradise Bar by the same margin.

In the Major League, Hickey’s Bar edged Norm’s Black Rail, 10-8, Maki’s Mini-Mart crushed Jack’s TeePee, 16-2, and Riverside Club trimmed Stonehouse, 10-8.

In Classic Leaguecompetition from Aug. 21, Negaunee VFW toppled Household Appliance, 11-7, and Willey’s Tire Shop tied American Legion, 9-9.

In the Major League, Norm’s Black Rail edged Stonehouse, 10-8, Riverside Club beat Maki’s Mini-Mart, 11-7, and Hickey’s Bar trimmed Jack’s TeePee, 10-8.