NEGAUNEE – It’s the time of year again where music can be heard floating out from the Negaunee High School football field as the Negaunee High School marching band gets ready for a new season and a new show.

Every night for the past two weeks the marching band has been practicing the music and drill for their 2013 show. The students have been learning to how roll step properly, play while marching, how to backwards march and how to properly traverse, which facing their instruments to the front sideline while marching in every direction on the field. Also this year the marching band is getting use to the directing styles of a new director, Christopher Momcilovich.

“I wouldn’t say that I really brought in anything that’s too much different from what they are use too,” Momcilovich said. “I would just think that I bring in a different mentality.”

Over the past few weeks Momcilovich said he’s been really trying to challenge the band to find out where they are at and who the leaders are in the group that he can rely on. One of those leaders is Senior Sean Mackey.

Mackey has been playing saxophone for eight years now and has been in marching band since he was a freshman. With this season being his last year Mackey said he’s kinda sad, but thinks it will be a great year.

“This year we are doing a lot more modern songs like Party Rock Anthem, which is our opener,” Mackey said. “Also with the new director we are doing a little bit different stuff and it should be a really good year.”

This year the show includes Party Rock Anthem, We are Young, Super Bass ending with Katy Perry’s Fireworks. All of these songs were number one hits in the last five years, Momcilovich said, and were given to the students to work on before he was hired.

“I really wanted to stick with those because the students were already working on them and they are some good pieces that are well known,” he said. “I’m really hoping that the crowd is going to like it, especially as we start moving later into the year and throw in more of the song.”

Mackey said even though he’s not the biggest fan of the music selection this year he said he still looks forward to marching band season every year and always has fun.

“I enjoy the marching and playing on the field,” he said. “(The marching band) was always one of the only reasons I would go to a football game. I would hang out in the back field and when it was halftime I would go to the stands and watch the halftime show.”

The Negaunee marching band had their first performance Friday at the first home football game against Manistique. The next home football game the band will be performing at is Sept. 6 at 7 p.m. against Calumet.

“The students are performing very well and I respect everything that they’ve been doing,” Momcilovich said. “I’m very proud of where they’re out and I’m very proud and excited to be working with them.”

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