Trip was worth it

To the Journal editor:

As the captains of the NMU women’s soccer team, we feel it is important to respond to a letter that was printed regarding our recent trip to Europe. We, the student athletes on the soccer team, worked extremely hard to raise funds and pay for the trip ourselves. We all felt this trip would be an amazing experience that would benefit us athletically as individuals and as a team as well as enrich us personally.

The style of play in Europe is different and it was very challenging. We played many games and had to learn to play smarter and faster to compete. Our training was more focused and intense. We feel it really prepared us for the season.

During our tour we visited Brussels, Munster, and Amsterdam where we learned the history of the cities, the different architecture, and culture. We tried new foods and learned words and phrases in a few different languages. We biked to a small town in the Netherlands for market day. Our team had the opportunity to socialize with a few of the teams we competed against and were able to ask questions about their lives, and compare that with our lives. We even played the Dutch game of “farmer’s golf” which most people have not even heard of much less know why they play that instead of regular golf.

Overall, the trip was not just a great way to play games and prepare for the season. It was a once in a lifetime educational experience. We represented Marquette and Northern Michigan University in a positive way with class and respect. We feel that it was a trip that any student athlete would be humbled and lucky to experience.