Asking questions

To the Journal editor:

My letter as a concerned free American citizen has to do with several issues. First, what is our government doing for us and what is it doing against us? Why do we keep voting the same politicians back into office that are working against us? Isn’t it clear to see they keep taking more and more of our rights from us to even have a say about our own personal lives, the same as to have voices in our government? If we know these politicians are going to keep working against us, then what really do we have to lose by taking a chance on someone else? And at least give someone else a chance?

What good is our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution? If our government can keep on changing it for their own benefits? Is it not the parts to benefit the government over the people’s rights when they are changing?

What are our Constitution and Bill of Rights all about anyway? Are not our Bill of Rights supposed to give us, the people, the rights to check and balance the powers of government? These questions I ask. What are our elections and the rights to vote all about? What is government for the people, by the people, or we the people? These questions I ask.

And as a free American citizen with such rights as freedom of speech, I do exercise these such rights. Such as with our news publications, which I do read.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, W.V.