Addicted to oil, war

To the Journal editor:

The calls for war are sounding again and this time it doesn’t appear that the U.S. is waiting for a U.N. resolution. The so-called facts of Assad’s use of chemical weapons is a misstatement of the reports from Doctors Without Borders. We have selectively chosen one civil war to intervene in and why? Just take a look at the oil reserves Syria has for your answer.

While our own country is crumbling, do we really want to start yet another war half way around the world? Do we really want to send our young people into another countries civil war? What peaceful efforts toward resolution has the world tried?

If we go to war in Syria, what do we hope to accomplish? How will we ever get out? What about the war in Afghanistan that continues, although we hear little of it.

The two issues of oil addiction and war are tied together. Until we solve the first, we’ll never get rid of the second.

Sarah Redmond

Au Train