Help appreciated

To the Journal editor:

My son was riding his bike to his friends a few days ago and unfortunately crashed resulting in a broken arm.

He was about a mile away from our house, by himself at the time and of course in a great deal of pain and probably in shock. A man stopped to help my son and gave him a ride home. I just wanted the man to know how much his kindness is appreciated.

There is a lot of emphasis these days on looking up to sports figures who ultimately disappoint us in one way or another. Or to emulate the actor or actress who seems to have everything a person could possibly want.

I for one am glad to live in a place where true heroes and men and women of character still walk among us. My son is the most important thing to my wife and I and we just wanted to say thank you and let this man know that he is a true hero.

Thank you again.

Charlie Gorton