GOP challenged

To the Journal editor:

Kudos definitely are in order for Jeff Prusi of Negaunee for his accurate portrayal of today’s Republican Party in the Aug. 20 edition of The Mining Journal.

Their attempts to suppress voting rights among American citizens that people have previously died for is contrary to what we do as a democracy preach to other countries.

The behavior they exhibit in today’s Congress should be enough to bring shame to their party but this party has no shame. I would be embarrassed to affiliate myself with this poor excuse for a political party.

The last line of the Pledge of Allegiance reads ” … with liberty and justice for all.” It does not read “with liberty and justice for those who agree with me.”

Thank you, Jeff Prusi, for your eloquent and accurate summation of today’s Republican Party. You certainly hit the proverbial nail on the head and spoke for many of us.