Plan advanced

To the Journal editor:

I couldn’t agree more with Joseph Buy’s Aug. 7 letter to the editor regarding the city of Marquette’s survey seeking citizen input to the redesign of Lakeshore Boulevard between Hawley and Pine streets.

It seems a crime that the residents of Marquette have accepted the current and on going condition of this ugly stretch of roadway. To permanently block the view of this special drive for the purpose of preventing a wet and maybe slippery road five or six times a year seems like an unreasonable price to pay.

During a few dangerously wet days, traffic could easily be detoured to Presque Isle Avenue. An occasional detour would leave more than 350 days when drivers and bikers and walkers could enjoy the majesty and beauty of our shoreline drive.

Currently we look at piles of rock and rubble that we have allowed to be dumped along the roadway. They do address the erosion issue.

Now the survey asks for our choice of someone’s options for redevelopment. The survey does not welcome additional ideas and less expensive project types although there is a comment window.

Along the same lines as Mr. Buys, how about making use of the existing rock as the erosion revetment and wave buffer they are supposed to be, raise the road bed and bike trail about six feet in it’s approximate present location and move the pathway to the lake side of the roadway. Also, crown all new pavement to shed, not pool, water.

This simple plan uses what we have, addresses the erosion/wave/water issues and gives us back our great and very special view of our Superior shoreline.

We could even plant a few new Lombardy poplars and provide a parking area at the southwest corner of Hawley and Lakeshore Boulevard.

Daniel Pearce

Marquette Township