Enviro trouble

To the Journal editor:

I went to a store Aug. 19, to pick up a few things and upon exiting my car I could smell gas fumes and noticed gas pouring out of the bed of a black truck.

Looking inside the bed, I saw a gas can laying on its side leaking fuel which another man who witnessed this said was diesel fuel which he could smell many aisles away. I set the container upright and moved my car further away from the spill and when going back saw a young man at the car.

He said the truck was his and thanked me for setting the container upright as it saved a lot more from running out causing further pollution. I advised him to go into the store and buy some product to soak up the fuel but he said he would just go to a car wash.

I told him he could not do that as it would contaminate the water system and thinking he would return to the store for an absorbing product, I started going to the store and saw him drive off leaking a big trail of fuel.

I told the store employees who promptly put out an absorbing compound for oil and gas at the spot he was parked, but they could not put it everywhere he went.

I told the other witness to this act what he had done. I am sorry I did not get his license plate and report him to the police. I did not see him secure the container so I am sure it tipped over again as he left the parking lot.

As I drove home, I followed the trail of diesel fuel up to an intersection. This was such a needless act of pollution from a thoughtless young man and he probably did go to that car wash.

Janet Hruska