Help needed

To the Journal editor:

Awhile ago, there was a letter to the editor from a kind person, who was concerned that his newspaper carrier had to give up his route or face sanctions from the federal program that was providing his health care and sustainability for his needs and his family.

He has health problems and so does another member of the family have health problems. The mom of this family is the only caretaker. They do not have a vehicle, so she relies on others for transport.

The Marq-Tran bus service does not go the through the area where they reside and it costs too much for them to have door to door.

For now, she would like to obtain a used women’s pedal bike so that she could go get groceries and medicines when needed.

I was hoping that by writing this letter, someone would have a older bike that they would sell cheap or donate. If you can do, please give me a call at 486-8080.

Ann Trudell